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Townhomes in 83274

Here’s some information about townhomes in the 83274 zip code. First, an online search revealed none for sale in August 2023 on websites such as Trulia, Realtor, and Homes.com. NewhomeSource.com showed no new construction listings in this area. Meanwhile, the sponsored searches revealed many corporate townhome rentals available, and many were new constructions.

83274 is the zip code for Shelley, ID, a small town of less than 5000 that offers a sparse suburban feel to residents. Meanwhile, Niche.com shows 83274 to have nearly double the population, fewer renters by percentage, and to be suburban rural. It also has slightly higher home values and rental prices. Redfin reported home values increased more in 83274 than in Shelley by a difference of 5%!

The only alternative to renting is to contact your local real estate professional specializing in townhomes in the 83274 zip code area. If any are available “off-market,” this would appear in the MLS, despite no formal listing. If you’re a commercial developer interested in purchasing land to build townhomes, a local agent can also help you learn valuable insights to ensure it’s a smart move. Call now.

More local market data: https://www.redfin.com/zipcode/83274/housing-market

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Townhomes in 83274